Utilising the transformative power of universal energy to bring balance to mind, body and soul. Energy Healing has been used for thousands of years to treat imbalance on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Eastern medicine works with this energy (Chi, Qi, Prana etc.) by removing energy blocks, restoring balance, and activating the body’s innate healing processes.

In the West exciting progress is being made to prove the efficacy of Reiki and its value in supporting medically based treatments. I am part of a year-long study treating medical professionals with the research overseen by Dr Ann Baldwin, Director of Mind-Body Science and Professor of Physiology, University of Arizona. More details about the Reiki Medic-Care initiative can be found here: https://reikimedic-care.org/

Based in the UK, I specialise in Distant Healing and Teaching. I also use the techniques set out by Pamela A Field in her book ‘Free The Past, Heal The Future’ that support Ancestral Healing. https://www.pamelafield.com/index_en.htm

Distant Healing and Teaching allows me to honour the powerful nature of the energy I am working with and treat clients across the globe. I also practice Distant Healing for organisations that support people with mental health and addiction issues.

Reiki is often referred to as an intelligent form of healing as the energy flows to the parts of the mind, body and soul that require it, whether we are aware of the need or not.  There are numerous scientific, and peer reviewed studies on its effectiveness in alleviating everything from muscle and joint pain, anxiety and depression and the side effects of chemotherapy to name just a few!

I am a Member of the UK Reiki Federation and the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council. I work to a code of ethics and standards that enables me to work with GPs and hospitals and I am an approved NHS Reiki Medic-Care practitioner. I also hold an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate that enables me to work with children and young people.

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  • Truro, England, United Kingdom